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Data valorisation

Identifying the dynamics of the territory in order to understand the issues more precisely: a decision-making tool

SIRS goes beyond the simple land use database by combining and cross-referencing compatible information from other sources with it.
The creation of appropriate indicators helps in reconciling the various data sources and in extracting finer details for an improved understanding and decision-making capability.

SIRS can reveal the dynamics at play for any type of problem (urban, social, environmental, etc.), various types of territories (SCOT, urban agglomerations, natural reserves, etc.) and requirements.

– State of locations: diagnosis of a territory, statistical indicators, mapping and classification of hedges, digitization and coding of water courses, etc.

– Understanding changes: Where is urban sprawl taking place and how fast? Monitoring of deforestation and erosion hazards, etc.

– Drawing up of perspectives and creating proposals for monitoring tools: occupancy rates of zones of activity and ‘replenishment’ dynamics, afforestation rotation cycles, environmental review, etc.

– Publication of graphical communications: communal atlas, park plan, etc.

Data valorisation
  • Data valorisation
    Data valorisation