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Our structure

A nimble and responsive structure, with a team of experts dedicated to each project

SIRS puts together:

  • A nimble structure that enables short response times and quick decisions.

Each project is assigned a project leader. A technical expert, empowered to take decisions, he is the direct interface to the client. He is backed up by a team of engineers and technicians selected for the project.

This multidisciplinary team is equipped with:

  • Thematic expertise (land use, environment, forest, agriculture, urban planning, data valorisation, etc.)
  • Technological expertise (image processing, GIS, photogrammetry, etc.)
  • Geographical expertise spanning environments from the temperate to the equatorial.

Your first contact with SIRS: its commercial service.

Manager: Jean-Paul Gachelin

Natural spaces department

Data production department

GIS Expertise department and IT service

R & D centre

Administrative service