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Quality and Expertise

Quality control of data produced. Technical training and support. Development of IT applications. GIS Expertise

The Systems and Quality department has three basic functions.

The first is to ensure the quality of the delivered data. A dedicated quality-control team validates the structural and thematic quality of maps produced. It also manages the intermodality between the various cartographic formats, projection systems, metadata, ISO standards and INSPIRE compatibility.

The second function is the training and technical support extended to any client with GIS or image processing needs, including deployment of on-site experts.

Since 1999, SIRS has been providing customized training on all GIS-related topics. SIRS has training programmes for beginners and for experts alike. They are based on the client’s data and use his own equipment. The objective is to incorporate GIS services in the client’s project and make his team capable of acting on its own.
SIRS’s trainers, long-time veterans of operational SIRS projects, have the theoretical knowledge of the software applications and experience in their practical use.

At the end of the training program, SIRS provides technical support which may extend to as long as one year.
A staff member can also be deployed with the client to provide on-site technical assistance. And, conversely, a client without suitable software can be accommodated at SIRS facilities.

The third function of this department is R & D. It includes the development of interfaces adapted to the client’s systems and consulting activities such as the setting up of complete GIS systems at client locations worldwide.