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Tree expertise

SIRS is an expert in phytosanitary diagnosis of trees in urban areas.

In towns, trees are subjected to severe stresses: lack of space, inadequate soil, injuries, pollution, etc. As both urban and ecological heritage, they deserve to be maintained for their continued existence and also for safety of the human population.

In partnerships with municipalities, green-area managers and land planners, SIRS takes a true role of a tree technician and evaluates the quality, health and dangerousness of urban trees.

To deduce a tree’s history, structure and state, measurements are taken and combined with a visual diagnosis.
The diagnosis detects defects: dead branches, fungi, peeling bark, splintering risk, etc. It can lead to further, deeper investigations (wave hammer, resistograph, soil analysis, etc.). The analysis is followed by recommendations for remedial action and a geographic database map.

Expertise d'arbres urbains
  • Expertise d'arbres urbains
    Expertise d'arbres urbains
    Expertise d'arbres urbains
  • Laetiporus sulphureus
    Laetiporus sulphureus
Expertise d'arbres urbains