Key figures

mapped territory per year (The size of Europe)
activations and fast mapping
service deliveries in emergency situations
have been mapped to a large scale
of French cities
mapped (12,000 cities)

SIRS delivers to its clients (national and supranational institutions, local governments and corporations) a wide range of services and solutions for decision-making based on:

  • processing and analysis of optical, radar and lidar based Earth observation data (satellites, aircraft, drones and in-situ),
  • a unique and optimized blend of geographic information technologies and methods fit to meet user requirements in a timely and quality assured manner.

Value added products and services, consultancy

Forecasting models statistical indicators

Capacity building, knowledge transfer

SIRS subsidiary of the CLS group (map) - Shareholders: CLS (Cnes 54%, Ifremer 14%, Ardian 32%), SIRS (CLS 100%) - Workforce: world +700 employees, SIRS +50 employees - Turnover 2017: CLS 122M€, SIRS 6M€